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learn to get rich in the AI era


Blackbox University 2.0

Can you make money TODAY?

Have no job, no limitations on time or travel, no boss to answer to, and still have money arriving into your bank account - YES or NO?‍


This is a community where you will learn about quantitative trading, discretionary trading, affiliate broking, fund management, freelancing, consulting, and more.

Each professor is verified by me personally and is making anywhere from 5L to 1.5Cr. a month in their respective fields.

We've chosen fields that ANYONE ANYWHERE can do NOW to get rich.

No bullshit, no “gyaan”, just hard hitting lessons in leveraging technology, internet, and hustle to build solid cash flows.

Full resources, full lesson plans, everything you need to get rich and it all starts with you making your first money TODAY.

And, it's ₹1750 to enroll as an early bird (first 100 members ONLY).

You have no more excuses, I just took them all away.

Buckle up.

It's time to get rich.

Welcome to Blackbox University 2.0

Vihan Singh

CEO @ Blackrose