Speculator's Syndicate

Trading is one of the ultimate wealth creation methods. It can also be an incredibly lonely, siloed, and opaque endeavor.

Speculator's Syndicate is an online learning community of traders where you can accelerate your journey as a trader and amplify your success by access to knowledge, insights, capital, technology, and infrastructure.



The incredibly competitive, highly rewarding profile of quantitative trading makes it the ultimate playground for software engineers and data scientists.

This business is competitive and usually done by IITians. We were built with 16-hour days (and our good luck). We though we will be Desi RenTec and I will become Chhota Jim Simons.

We have bootstrapped a business into sexbomb.

We operate like the special forces. There are no B players. We are non-fucking-stop. No regrets. No remorse. No mercy.

Full power fuck the competition in the ass. We'll sleep when we're done or dead. We want to achieve with a team of 50 people what others would achieve in a team of 500.

We are gunning to become the most profitable quantitative trading firm in the country.

At Optiver, we approach our work with intensity. But we do so in an atmosphere that’s informal and collaborative. And we are constantly inspired by one another, with a keen understanding that excellence is a team sport. This is evident in our:

* Senior staff’s commitment to mentorship and guidance as you progress in your career

* Ethos of internal collaboration and external competition—when the firm does well, we all do well

* Organization-wide commitment to excellence and non-stop improvement

* Facilitation of global transfer opportunities between offices


Don't wear suits. This is full competitive business and only the PnL matters. Work day or night, in bed or in pool. Just make money.

What We Do


We offer quantitative trading systems for institutional investors that arbitrage bounds in global financial markets. Using cutting edge optimization algorithms we construct portfolios of up to 20 assets at a time, and capture mean-reverting behaviours in these portfolios to arbitrage complex mispricings between assets all whilst staying market neutral.

Blackrose Cloud [BRC]

BRC is a cloud-based trading technology platform that enables users to invest in a smart, systematic and data-driven manner. Blackrose Cloud hosts an online marketplace of trading algorithms and associated analytics, testing and trade facilitation tools.

Alpha Ex Machina

AXM is the best algorithmic trading course for independent traders. Are you looking to get a new job, start your own trading desk, or get better opportunities in your current organization? This mentorship course is designed for professionals looking to grow in the field of algorithmic and quantitative trading. Get access to the most comprehensive quant trading curriculum in the industry.

Dream11 for Trading

Game-based trading platform for stocks. It enables users to play on fantasy trading leagues, test predictions, indicators, and make investment strategies. Users can avail rewards and prizes for participating in trading games. The application is available on Android and iOS platforms.