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As an employer, we are small, discreet, and highly selective. We are an all-remote team with an uncommonly flat hierarchy, so a premium is placed on self-motivated people who can collaborate effectively and deliver great individual results.

We don't make hiring decisions based on academic history. Our founder barely made it through college. We do not hire credentials. We hire talented, passionate individuals who are excited to be a part of our team, whether they be a high school dropout or a PhD researcher.

To submit resumes or ask questions, e-mail careers@blackrose.com.




C-106, First Floor,

Nirvana Courtyard,

Sector 50, 122018


B-17, Riviera Sublime,

Ward No 6, BG1, 907,

Siolim, 403517


open positions

Executive Assistant

👑 CEO's Office

🇮🇳 Gurgaon, India

🌗 Part Time

Quantitative Researcher

🔍 Research

🌎 Remote

🌕 Full Time

Quantitative Developer

💻 Technology

🌎 Remote

🌕 Full Time

Software Engineer

💻 Technology

🌎 Remote

🌕 Full Time

Enterprise Sales Specialist

💰 Sales & Marketing

🇮🇳 Gurgaon, India

🌕 Full Time