Software Engineer


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Software engineers play a vital role in the success of our business and form a core part of the organization. We tend to look for talented generalists who are capable of working in areas that can include large scale distributed systems, high-performance trading platforms, complex web applications, infrastructure, and tools.

Successful candidates will have the flexibility and skills to contribute in one or more of the following domains:
• Development and maintenance of large, complex software and hardware systems, including identification of bottlenecks and optimization of performance.
• Design and development of monitoring tools and interfaces that enable analysis of data from all aspects of our existing systems.
• Leadership of complex software projects and initiatives.

Specific skills and experiences will include some combination of:
• Large software systems: design, development, testing, and maintenance.
• Programming languages: extensive experience (e.g. with C, C++ and/or Java).
• High performance systems: experience developing multi-threaded or shared memory systems.
• User interfaces: including monitoring tools, graphical interfaces, web tools, and web development.
• Production systems: support of real-time operations and critical systems.
• Systems programming: systems-level programming and hacking operating systems (especially Linux).
• Scripting languages: such as shell scripts, perl, python, etc.
• Large data sets: programs to parse, process, and/or analyze.