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Algo Web Developer

Gurgaon / 🌎

As an Algo Web Engineer you will work on human interaction with automated trading. You will build UIs and backend processes to support our quants in researching strategies, overseeing processes, executing trades, and understanding risk.

This is impactful work; many of the UIs are critical to executing trades or to understanding the complex strategies being deployed at the scale of Blackrose. As an Algo Web Engineer, you will contribute significantly to our trading infrastructure as a whole.

In this role, you will be involved in all stages of software development and across the full stack at Blackrose. You will work closely with quants, engineers, and operations to gather requirements and decide what tools will be most impactful. You will have the opportunity to generate your own ideas about new features or products, and own the implementation of significant pieces of our infrastructure. You will get to see how your products are used daily in our trading strategies, and ultimately the impact they will have on Blackrose’s success.

Algo Web Engineers work across a variety of technologies from building Web Applications in Vue, spinning up dashboards with python’s Dash Plotly, to writing backend services in Python or C++.

• Solid front-end and backend coding practices, building well-tested, reliable systems
• Excellent coding, debugging, and problem solving skills
• Strong Computer Science fundamentals
• Working knowledge of Linux operating systems
• Experience with Javascript/Vue/Nuxt
• Experience with Python and/or C++ is a plus

• You have a passion for UX and building human-focused technological solutions
• You possess a willingness to learn and grow as an engineer
• You really like to work with people who challenge you and make you better at what you do

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