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Dev (Pro)

Gurgaon, India

Job Type

Full Time

Salary Range

₹24-48LPA + Bonus

About the Role

Blackrose is hiring a software developer to join our team which covers our trading technology. The dev team works closely with the quants to turn ideas into reality using the most appropriate technology. The team is responsible for everything from interpreting the flashes of light arriving encoding market data to dispatching flashes of light to indicate our orders. This unusually wide scope gives us the ability to make cross-domain optimisations unavailable to our competitors.

- You should have a strong knowledge of modern C++ (C++11 onwards). We use a lot of modern C++ (we have the advantage of a completely post-2011 codebase) and have been eager to adopt features from C++17/20 as soon as they are released.
- We expect a strong understanding of what really is going on inside a computer when your code is running, for example caching, paging and system calls, as well as how these work and why they work like that.
- You should have a good familiarity with common algorithms and data structures and their performance trade-offs, as well as the ability to reason about the running time of algorithms that you haven’t seen before. Although traditionally this would be covered in a computer science degree most of our existing team are self-taught, so a computer science degree is not necessarily a prerequisite.
- You will often have to work independently designing complex systems that need to run uninterrupted for long periods of time, so practical experience designing and implementing software systems is a plus.
- All of our development is in a Linux environment, in fact many of us run Linux on our desktops also, so familiarity with the Linux command line and common tools is a plus.
- Prior finance knowledge is not required.

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