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Junior Quant







The Junior Quant role is an opportunity for ambitious individuals to enter the highly selective and gatekept world of algorithmic trading. As part of our team, you will work closely with seasoned quants and traders to develop and refine trading strategies that capitalize on fast-moving market inefficiencies.


  • Work with senior traders to research and implement new trading algorithms.

  • Use statistical techniques to model and predict market movements.

  • Provide real-time analytical support to senior traders.

  • Implement monitoring tools which highlight potential issues in the production strategies.


  • Proficiency in C++ and/or Python.

  • Burning passion for trading and technology.

  • Hardcore work ethic (70+ hour workweeks).

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Welcome to our application process.

We don't want your resume. They fail to showcase the qualities we're seeking, and frankly, we don't have the time to sift through them.
This form is your stage to shine. Impress us and we'll call you. Miss the mark, and it’s a pass.


We're looking for people who can bring something extraordinary to the table - starting with clear thinking and articulation so keep your answers short and to the point --- each answer has a 280 character word limit.

Avoid BS like "I'm excited to contribute my enthusiasm to the team" and "My passion, quick learning ability, and dedication set me apart."

Tell us what drives you, what you've accomplished and how you'll contribute to Blackrose.


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Focus on one singular and specific experience, achievement, or aspect that establishes you as the right person for this role. Don't copy-paste from your resume; aim to be concise and focus on a tangible achievement or experience instead of generic platitudes.

This is the most critical part of your application. We wants specifics, details, numbers. If this doesn't grab our attention, we may not read further, so make it relevant and snappy.

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