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Quant (Noob)

Gurgaon, India

Job Type

Full Time

Salary Range

₹18-36LPA + Bonus

About the Role

As a quant at Blackrose, your job is to teach computers how to make money. We're one of the rare quant firms in India that offers a profit share to every quant, giving them a clear sense of ownership over what they build and what they earn.

Research skills:
- Strong intuition and deep thinking with data sets to design new predictive signals
- Demonstrates strong “hacking” ability to quickly get into data to look for empirical relationships and decipher noise or signal
- Familiarity with statistical and machine learning techniques and knows when and how to apply them; will seek out and learn new methods to better solve problems
- Constantly questions finance/trading data and stays motivated to seek answers
- Understanding of financial products, market dynamics, and microstructure

Hiring Process
Our interview process seeks to gain signal in the following topics:
- Modern machine learning techniques, especially deep learning
- Classical machine learning techniques
- Probability theory
- General mathematics (linear algebra, analysis etc.)
- Computer science / algorithms

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