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move fast, break things, raise hell

Quantitative Trading

Solving the Most Difficult Data Science Problem

Quantitative trading - the art of building algorithms to predict and profit from financial markets - could be one of the hardest and most lucrative data science problems in the world. Solving it is applied AI at its finest.

Blackrose Cloud [BRC]

Algorithmic Trading Unleashed in the Cloud

Blackrose Cloud (BRC) is a cloud-based trading technology platform that enables users to invest in a systematic and data-driven manner. BRC hosts a variety of web-based services for algorithmic trading, analytics, testing and execution. These services enable users to take a data-driven approach to the arcane activity of trading the capital markets.

Speculator's University

Learn to Trade the Financial Markets like a Hacker

Learn to see beyond the matrix of the financial markets and how to profit from them by identifying mistakes made by other traders and investors.