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To erase the line between man and machine is to obscure the line between men and gods.

Markets 📈, Money 💰, & Intelligent Machines 🧠

Blackrose is a quantitative trading and artificial intelligence firm founded out of a college dorm room in 2019.

Our mission is to become India's leading financial technology company by combining:

  • the cutting-edge engineering of an AI reseach lab,

  • the informal high-octane culture of a trading firm, and

  • the strong free cash-flows of a software business.


Quantitative Trading

Solving the ultimate data science problem


Quantitative trading - the art of building algorithms to predict and profit from financial markets - is the hardest and most lucrative data science problem in the world.

Solving it is applied AI at its finest.

We use cutting-edge machine learning techniques and common sense to build high-speed trading algorithms that capture fleeting mispricings in financial markets.

The Los Alamos of Money

Meritocratic. Ambitious. Informal. Intense.


In 1943, the greatest minds of the world came together at the Los Alamos laboratory to carry out cutting-edge research to build the Atomic bomb.


Today, we strive to create the best environment for our team to do exceptional work at the confluence of artificial intelligence, software engineering, and quantitative finance.


Given the incredibly competitive, highly rewarding, nature of our business, the only metric of importance is how much money we make - all else is just noise.

Consequently, our work culture prioritizes results and strips away the noise. No suits. No PowerPoint. No bureaucracy. Work in your pajamas or in a pool, days or nights, weekdays or weekends, from home or at the beach.

The only thing that matters is your quality of work, which often has a direct impact on the company's bottom line, which in turn has a direct impact on your compensation.

This empowers everyone at Blackrose to act like an owner.


Careers @ Blackrose

As an employer, we are small, discreet, and highly selective. We don't make hiring decisions based solely on academic history (our founder barely made it through college) or past credentials. We hire talented, passionate individuals who are excited to be a part of our team.


​To submit resumes or ask questions, e-mail

Quantitative Researcher
🔍 Research
🌎 Remote
🌕 Full Time
Software Engineer
💻 Technology
🌎 Remote
🌕 Full Time
Executive Assistant
👑 CEO's Office
🇮🇳 Goa, India
🌗 Part Time

If you can't spot the sucker at the table, then you are the sucker.