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Careers @ Blackrose

As a bootstrapped trading firm, our only metric of interest is how much money we make - all else is just noise.

Consequently, our work culture prioritizes results and strips away the noise.


No suits. No PowerPoint. No bureaucracy.

All that matters is the quality of your work, which often has a direct impact on the company's bottom line and your compensation.

This empowers everyone at Blackrose to act like an owner.

We're always looking for exceptional people to join our team, which is why we don't have specific roles that we hire for.

If you feel you can add value (quant, coder, ops, or in any other way) feel free to email us:

Open Positions

Quantitative Trader

Gurgaon, India

FPGA Engineer

Gurgaon, India

Full-Stack Developer

Gurgaon, India

Exec Ops

Gurgaon, India

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