Quantitative Researcher

Gurgaon, India

Job Type

Full Time

Salary Range

₹60-120LPA + Bonus

About the Role

As a quant at Blackrose, you're tasked with using your strong quantitative skills and coding proficiency to build prediction algorithms, identify trading opportunities, and accelerate the innovation process and help others leverage your work.

Research skills:
- Strong intuition and deep thinking with data sets to design new predictive signals
- Demonstrates strong “hacking” ability to quickly get into data to look for empirical relationships and decipher noise or signal
- Familiarity with statistical and machine learning techniques and knows when and how to apply them; will seek out and learn new methods to better solve problems
- Constantly questions finance/trading data and stays motivated to seek answers
- Understanding of financial products, market dynamics, and microstructure

Hiring Process
Our interview process seeks to gain signal in the following topics:
- Modern machine learning techniques, especially deep learning
- Classical machine learning techniques
- Probability theory
- General mathematics (linear algebra, analysis etc.)
- Computer science / algorithms